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The Alaska MLS produces real estate statistics on the state, city, and borough levels where data is available.

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Monthly Sales Reports, last updated February 2024

Residential Sale Prices, monthly reports, since 2005

A bar chart and accompanying table that shows the monthly sales price for Anchorage homes and the accumulated year-to-date average. The change in year-to-date percentage is also shown. VIEW

Condo Sale Prices, monthly reports, since 2011

A relatively new report, this picks up the rest of the residential market. Since many entry-level properties are a hybrid of residential and condo classifications, viewing this report completes the picture. VIEW

Residential Sales by Anchorage MLS districts

An excellent overview of inventory, market times, number of sales, sales volume, and average sale price broken out by MLS districts in Anchorage. Compares this year-to-date with last year's period. VIEW

Condo Sales by Anchorage MLS districts

Same report as prior paragraph, condos. VIEW

Number of sales per month since 2001

A bar chart and graph showing the number of homes sold in Anchorage each month for the past 15 years. VIEW

Number of condo sales per month

Companion chart to the immediately previous report on homes. Looks back only five years. VIEW

Number of homes for sale, monthly since 2001

A bar chart and table showing the number of residential listings available each month for the past 10 years. VIEW

Inventory analysis residential


Shows number of homes for sale in various price ranges and compares to rate of sales per month to derive an estimate of the number of months of inventory in each price range. VIEW

Ten-year trend of home sales and pricing

a nice graph that shows the relationship between the number of new listings from year to year, the size of the pending sales group and how many sales closed each year. VIEW

Recent trends in home sales and pricing

The same graph as the ten-year graph showing more detail for the past year. VIEW

Typical home cost examples

Four photos of typical homes that fit the market averages of Anchorage home prices. VIEW

Year-end Market and Sales Data,
for the year ended 12/31/2015

This is the same group of reports itemized above, published at year-end. The best way to see year-end comparisons for the past 15 years.