We are often surprised at how casually many buyers select a real estate professional.

Often it's not even understood that the licensee is that buyer's legal representative.

That's why we urge anyone who is embarking on a real estate purchase to call and schedule a Buyer's Consultation. Watch video for a more detailed explanation. There is no obligation, but you will learn a lot. If it seems mutually beneficial to formalize the relationship and move forward with your project, we can. If not, no hard feelings.

If you want to check out our backgrounds and qualifications to represent you before calling, learn more about Bethany and Niel HERE.

Here's a typical agenda during a buyers consultation.

  • Representation: Licensee relationships as Alaska laws defines them
  • Professional Services Agreement: Hiring a real estate licensee: like "listing" a real estate company the way a seller does
  • Guarantee: The Coldwell Banker Buyers Services Guarantee
  • Making Your List: How to identify property that fits your criteria: sources of property listings. We set up a Buyer's Portal for you. See video for more info here.
  • FSBO sales: How we as your real estate professionals represent you when the seller is unrepresented
  • Financing: how to select a compatible loan officer as a member of your property purchase team
  • "Bias and Prejudice": My confession of why we think some properties are worth considering and why we might suggest you avoid others
  • Seller Disclosures: What a legally-sufficient disclosure must contain and what a seller does not have to tell you
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement: The MLS purchase documents, how they
  • Negotiation Strategy: What types of proposals to a seller have the best chance of success; competing when there are multiple offers. See What is a Fair Offer for more.
  • Property Inspections: How you choose inspectors based on what you know about a property, and what more you need to learn
  • Negotiating Repairs: When your inspector comes up with a "show stopper" what should be said to the seller, and your lender?
  • Closing Process: What do you have to do to stay on schedule and how does your real estate professional keep all the balls in the air?